•1990 – launching of private partnership "Grekop" that produces foods, mainly cocoa-glazed products (biscuits, wafers, wafer rolls, chips)
•1993 – Krzysztofa Kopański starts a one-man business which exports confectionery products to Russia
•1996 – purchase of modern equipment for the production of glaze - Mcintyre systems from LADCO
•1997 – cooperation agreement signed with Loders Croklaan (the Netherlands) for the import of Polish highest quality fats for glazings, creams and fillings. The cooperation is undertaken as regards operating the specialized fats facility. Changes are introduced in the technology of glaze production. The production is supervised by Loders Croklaan's technicians.
•1999 – beginning of cooperation with ADM company as regards cocoa sale in the Mazowieckie voivodship, basing the production on the highest quality cocoa from the ADM company - the quality of semi-finished ingredients continues to improve. Expanding production onto: cocoa glazings, dessert, bitter, white and milk coatings as well as creams and fillings for chocolates, muffins, wafers or biscuits – of various tastes and colors.
•2003 – initiation of preparatory works for introduction of production management systems: ISO9001 :2001 and HACCP DS3027 E:2002
•2004 – restructuring of the company – adapting the company to meet the needs and requirements of modern Europe: introducing ISO and HACCP systems under supervision of Polish Center for Testing and Certification (PCBC S.A.) – Registration no. PL-JH-126/1/2004. Beginning of cooperation with a Lithuanian company regarding the production of confectionery glazings and ice-cream coatings
•2006 – launching the production of pralines for the AJB company
•2007 – production of pralines for diabetics
•2008 – starting the cooperation with Spanish companies, Commodity and Moner, regarding the purchase of natural Cocoa: C10, NCP, alkalized cocoa: C20 and C30, cocoa beans and cocoa butter
•production of chocolate coatings/mass within the intra-Community supply of goods reaches 30% of the total production of mass.
•cooperation with an Italian company Unigra/ Master Martini begins, involving the purchase of specialized fats for CBS /Cocoa Butter Substitut/ coatings. Further increase in production of coatings based on CBS fats.
•2009 – expanding cooperation with companies from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Export of confectionery products reaches 40%.
•2011 – cooperation with a Malaysian company MOI/Krispi Poland regarding purchase of specialized CBS fats for the production of quality coatings
•production of coatings for sweat cheese bars – export production, increase of intra Community sale to 48% of the chocolate mass production.
•2012 – starting production of chocolate mass for pound cake / marzipan chocolate CBS mass . New cooperation agreements with companies from the Czech Republic and Hungary.
•We are currently planning to increase our production with further specialized chocolate masses and therefore to purchase new, more volume-efficient equipment.

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